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ASHROW THEATRE - A professional theatre company, delighting audiences in the East Midlands and beyond since 2011.


Troublesome People

Troublesome People examines WWII through the eyes of Conscientious Objectors, Jewish Refugees and Arable Farmers on the Isle of Man.

The play explores the courage required by everyone during the war and highlights the plight of individuals surviving on the periphery of a global conflict, whether by choice or circumstance.

Touring Summer 2015

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  • You get sucked into each scene, that you forget you’re in a teeny tiny seat in one of the oldest theatres in Derby. I loved this production. The dynamic duo of Guy Evans and Rowan Scarborough (director and assistant director/producer respectively) is fantastically potent. The actors could only excel under Guy’s astute leadership and awesome eye for detail. The costumes were contemporary and eye-catching, and the accomplished staff made watching the play a real pleasure. The standout performance for me, was Julia Damassa’s turn as Portia. She was positively sublime. Julia has that rare stage presence – when she walks into a scene, she owns it. I look forward to seeing more of her and the cast in the Ashrow Theatre’s productions.

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  • All hail an exceptional cast, particularly Julia Damassa’s charismatic Portia, Frank Simms’ earnest Bassanio, Alex Bedford’s charming Nerissa and Richard Blackman’s exuberant Graziano. Tejiri Obano impresses as the Prince of Morocco. But it is Glen Kinch’s heartfelt Antonio and Nigel Harris’ towering Shylock that ground this strong production in powerful, emotional storytelling. Beautifully calibrated performances, outstanding production design, this is Shakespeare as it should be. Heartily recommended.

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  • One of the really great aspects of this drama is its simplicity. It requires a small but quality cast which was certainly provided here.

    A personal highlight for me was Jenny Earl’s portrayal of Lady Bracknall. She was expertly cast and delivered just the right level of snobbery, delivering the key line of “a handbag” with pure disdain.

    In fact, the whole cast seemed to gel well, which certainly came across throughout the play.

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  • Guy Evans has directed Being Nice with pace and purpose. There are no lulls and the changes in mood are managed with confidence. This is a good old-fashioned drama (one bitch-slapping notwithstanding) played for laughs that knows what it is about.

    This is a strong debut from a new company, and let’s hope we see more of them in Buxton.

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