Uncle Vanya


Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov

“A potent mix of love and tension. It is a delight to watch.”

Toured November 2012 and played Guildhall Theatre, Derby January 2013

Uncle Vanya – Michael Kenneth Stewart

Yelena – Rowan Scarborough

Dr Astrov – William Jessop

Sonia – Saray Ayrton (tour) / Cassie Hunter (Guildhall)

Serebrakof – Jon Mckenna

Nurse Marina – Lesley Emery

Telegin – Frank Simms

Mme Voitskaya – Jenny Earl


Director – Jenny Earl

Assistant Director – Guy Evans

Casting Director – Sarah Carleton

Set Design – Guy Evans

Costume Design – Hannah Budd

Photo credits – Edd Post


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