An Edwardian Day Out

An Edwardian Day Out

Street Theatre performed in the Cathedral Quarter Derby since Spring 2015

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Jack/Ernest – Frank Simms / Stuart Marno / Stuart Horobin

Gwendolen – Rowan Scarborough / Rebecca Holmes

Cecily – Rebecca Holmes / Mica Loveridge / Freya Sharp

Directors – Rowan Scarborough and Frank Simms

Adaptation – Frank Simms

The Cathedral Quarter has been an excellent setting for this innovative approach to street theatre, combining five-minute adapted scenes from the play with characters interacting with passers-by to discuss the surroundings and Edwardian life in Derby. This has helped to bring history to life in the area in a fun and entertaining way. During the ‘Day Out’, our performers engage and interact with visitors – staying in character to talk about some of the area’s important landmarks and places of interest.

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